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created in France in 2002 by Corinne Cosseron




"RIGOLOGY" comes from the French word "RIGOLO" which means "funny" in childish language. Rigology is the science of joie de vivre, and studies show how laughter, joy, and positive feelings help us live a meaningful life, in good health, and with flourishing relationships. It is the brainchild of Corinne Cosseron, from Paris, France, who discovered, after having practiced Laughter Yoga, that laughter is a "joyful gateway" to all emotions. Corinne then created a daily exercise of "emotional cleansing" for the release of all emotions that allows one to truly connect with one’s innate joy.
Today, Rigology is practiced through the beautiful ten-step Circle of Joy ritual that gently leads all participants to their innate joie de vivre regardless of their initial state.




Corinne Cosseron


In 2002, Corinne Cosseron created in France the first School of Laughter and Happiness in the world. Today, she heads the Institute of the Science of Happiness, which brings together the International School of Laughter, the Center of Application of Positive Psychology and the School of Meditation. Internationally recognized lecturer and trainer, Corinne is the author of a dozen books on laughter and positive psychology. She has trained thousands of professionals on five continents, in the medico-social, educational and business sectors. Every day, at least one French company employs a rigologist.


Next workshops to become
Certified Rigologist Level 1 in 6 days


Prerequisites : you have to be already a Laughter Yoga Leader certified by any school of the world.


England : October 2019 London

USA : 2020

Information soon available




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